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3 Huge New Building Projects

So Many New Projects

2020 has been…well, lets just say it has been about the same here as everywhere else. And, I’ll be honest, I’ve been somewhat depressed. I haven’t really wanted to go anywhere, or talk to anyone and even address any of it. I just decided to bury myself in a couple of things that I love; my family and building more stuff.

So, not only have my kids learned quite a bit in our homeschool, but we have really gotten going on several building projects. I will be detailing them all for you in upcoming posts but I can at least give you a small overview right now.

The Whole Homestead is Getting an Upgrade

For the Livestock

Our small livestock got an upgrade to a super cool Western Town Animal Village, that I recently described in a couple of posts; getting it started and then finishing the structure. It was definitely something that we needed and it is an awesome addition to our homestead. You should absolutely check that out!

For the Family

We are also in the middle of an expansion and remodel of our home. After a year of multiple weather disasters and damage, we had a bunch of repairs to accomplish and we figured it would be the perfect opportunity to go ahead and start the addition that we had been talking about.

For Momma

Finally, I am also in the process of completing a big She Shed project. Now, if you have followed any of my social media, you have seen some of the goings on, therefore, you would know that it is a pretty cool project.

All of these building projects and more will be featured on upcoming posts, so be sure not to miss them!


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