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Building a Dazzling Duck Pond

Building the Duck Pond

After finishing construction on our Animal Village, and before finishing the fencing around the various enclosures, we decided to very quickly put together a little pond for our ducks. It was a pretty simple task and it didn’t take very long at all. On top of that, we even put it together with excess supplies that we had on hand from other projects. Score!

Step 1 – Mark and Construct

We began the process by marking off the area with marking paint so that Kris would know what his boundaries were. We had some dirt leftover from another project’s excavation so that gave us a great way to build the duck pond. With this project, it is best to build it above the ground for ease of draining and cleaning. (Ducks are kinda filthy creatures!) Kris used the tractor to move the dirt and build up berms that would create the perimeter of the pond.

Step 2 – Get Duck Pond Liner in Place

Once all of the berms were in place and firm, we pulled out some extra pieces of liner that we had leftover from our Natural Pool project. We had to seam a couple of pieces together to make what we had cover everything but it definitely worked out well for us. Once the liner was seamed up and ready, we used some extra patio stones that we had to go around the pond in order to weigh down the edges of the liner.

Step 3 – Fill with Water and Enjoy!

The ducks were pretty insistent that we get their pond filled quickly and we didn’t have extra time that day to finish it off with a drain so we decided to do that another day. When we did have a moment to come back and finish it off, it wasn’t a big deal. We drained it, added a piece of pvc through the back berm, from the pond to the outside. A gasket and fitting keeps the water from leaking out around the pipe and the other end of the pipe has a valve on it for easy draining.


This duck pond truly was a very simple project that has a big impact. The ducks are incredibly happy with their pond and watching them play is a lot of fun for us as well! It was the perfect addition to our new animal village!

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