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Hi everyone! My name is Amy Bell and I am an agricultural addict… a homesteading junkie… a farm girl fanatic… a gardening enthusiast… a simple living devotee!!!

Okay, I’ll stop… but you get the picture. I love (and live) all things down-home and country. I truly do love this lifestyle and even though it is a lot of hard work, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Amy Bell – Background

I am a born and raised southern, country girl and I truly appreciate and enjoy the life that God has given me. I strive to be a good steward of all that we have been given and I also try to teach and instill that mindset in my children.

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Amy Bell – Always happy in the greenhouse

I am also a soldier, retired from the military. I served this nation in two separate wars and I am very proud of that service. The Army and the Oklahoma Army National Guard trained me well and gave me the opportunity to give to my country.

I am a homeschooling mother and I love it. Our children learn everything that they need to know to make their lives tremendous and they get to learn it all in a very hands-on way. It is one of the biggest joys in my life; getting to watch them soak in new information.

What We Do

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My husband and I are builders. We both love to build just about anything, from décor and furniture, to barns and houses! It is simply a talent that God has blessed both of us with and we are so thankful to be able to use and share that knowledge.

I also spend a great portion of my time growing and raising what our family needs. I do a great deal of research and testing in a variety of growing methods and then all of the processes that come next. I love to share all of that information with my followers.

In a Nutshell

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Quite simply and in short, I am a country-raised, God-fearing, America-loving, homeschooling mother and loving wife….like so many of you out there. I believe that if we put our heads together and share the information with which we have all been blessed, we can all achieve wonderful things!


Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a Southern Oklahoma country girl through and through. I have a wonderful husband and five awesome kids. I spend my time homeschoolinggardening, raising livestock, building (anything), craftingcooking, canning, writing, painting…. I’m sure there’s more.

I am retired Army and, after my last tour of duty in Afghanistan, disabled. I am very proud of my service and time in the military, but it is very nice to just be at home with my family.

What are your thoughts on homesteading?

For me, homesteading is the best of the simple life. It is more about loving what God has given us and less about the ‘advances’ that get us around those things. It is my way of working with nature to have the happiest, healthiest life possible for my family. It is about getting back to the most basic elements of life and family.

What are your favorite parts of homesteading?

For me, it’s the freedom that we enjoy. We spend our time working our land, growing and preserving our food. I get to teach my children, not only the normal stuff like reading, math and biology, but we go so much further. We learn real history, we learn real life skills, and they get to lead their learning. They get to choose many of their subjects based on their interests and aptitudes. …but they still have to do math!!!

Future plans?

Soooooo many! Just don’t tell my husband. I don’t like to freak him out all at once! I just dole it out as I feel he can take it. I will say this about our future plans. We have done a lot on our land in the past few years.

We’ve built a huge barn – twice. (The first one burned to the ground!) We’ve built a big greenhouse, a hoop-house, an animal village, a smokehouse and a massive natural swimming pool. We are currently in the process of building a huge addition onto our home and I am currently finishing up on a she-shed. Plus, I am always extending my gardens.

While I am the ‘go-go-go’ type of person, I have promised my husband a little time to stop building stuff and just enjoy for a while. So, when we are finished with the current builds, I imagine I’ll give him a little time off. I haven’t promised how much time…

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My family and I are pleased that you stopped by. Please feel free to stop by often, see what’s new and also join in the discussion. It is my belief that everyone has something to offer and we can all learn from each other, so I welcome the input!

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–Amy Bell