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Sensational She Shed Finish – Part 2

Getting the Interior Put Together

In my last post I showed you the initial steps that I took in getting the She Shed started so now I’m going to show you the steps in the She Shed finish. It has definitely been a process along the way, doing most of it myself and only around the schedule of more important projects. But, it’s coming together.

She Shed Finish – Starting with the Walls

I finished out the walls with reclaimed wood from other projects and I love the way it turned out. It wasn’t a hard process at all and honestly didn’t take me very long. I covered the stud walls with a 1/4″ panelling and then put the boards, shiplap fashion, over it. I attached them using a finish nailer into each stud.

DIY Stone Tile Backsplash

I knew exactly where I was placing my stove and wanted a backsplash behind it. I found these stone tiles on Facebook from someone local so they barely cost me anything. This was an easy project as well and I take you through the steps in the video. This ended up being a beautiful piece to my she shed finish.

Building the Built-Ins

There were cabinets and shelving units that had to be built before we could get much further along. I needed a considerable amount of storage but I had to make sure that I could fit it all in as neatly as possible. The shelving I put together from a shelving unit that I deconstructed from our house. It was pretty basic framework and didn’t take me more than 30-45 minutes to get it handled.

For the kitchen cabinet, I grabbed my husband to come help me out. Its much more efficient with more than two hands. I actually designed it around the cabinet doors that I found at a yard sale. New Even! So that worked out great for me! We used excess wood that we had to construct them. The one item that we decided to purchase for the kitchen cabinets was the butcher block countertop.

I decided on open shelving for the upper area instead of closed cabinets. I love the country look that it conveys, but it also keeps a smaller area from looking too closed off and tight. I still have to add trim work all across the front, but I believe trim will wait for a while. …details.

She Shed Finish – Barn Wood Wall

One of my favorite walls is the one that I did in barn wood. This reclaimed barn wood is super old and really not good enough for anything structural but that doesn’t deter me. It is perfect for a decorative finish. When I attached them to the wall, it was a rough installation, in that they were all in varying sizes and had to be screwed in instead of nailed in many places, just for strength.

Once they were installed, I lived with it for a couple days before deciding to give it a whitewash. I felt like they darkened the room a little too much and a whitewash would absolutely be the answer. That ended up being the perfect touch. I love it!

Adding a New Old Ceiling

We used very old corrugated tin roofing that we rescued from a barn tear down that we did for our ceiling material. I absolutely love it! We decided to do blow in insulation in the ceiling area so we put all the tin in except the very top and blew it through there. I don’t think I will ever choose that again….it took me a week to clean it all up. *insert eyeroll here.

I did work out though. Once we got the tin in place (and the mess cleaned up), we were able to install all the rest of my lights. I definitely had to get my husband to give me a hand with this one because he has an obvious height advantage.

She Shed Finish – Wrapping up the Exterior

During all of the construction that was going on at our place, we were staining the new exterior of our home, so we went ahead and applied the same stain as a great She Shed Finish. I also added my signature red trim color. My husband says I’m totally predictable in that way. I guess he’s right. Everything is red out here.

Step Right Up

I also set out to do another project that needed doing for a while, and that is add steps to the front of my She Shed. I was getting a little tired of using a wobbly brick. In the video below, I explain the steps involved in build a set of steps. It’s not difficult at all and it only takes a little bit to get that handled.

Another Note on the Exterior She Shed Finish

Two major things will be happening as well, but we are pushing them off until we are a little further along with the other projects. For one, we will be replacing the front door with a much bigger one. That will, of course, require a significant amount of reframing and building out a gabled porch roof.

The second one is for the base of the building. We will be adding a stone base to it all the way around, at the same time that we do the same thing to our main house. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all finished. I believe it is going to be so pretty. …One step at a time.

A Few She Shed Finish – ing Touches

Time to add some pretty to the She Shed. I added white curtains and hung them on dowel rods with some pieces of leather belts. I used leather belts also, as their tie backs. I also found an adorable chicken themed pot rack that we hung above my sink and counter top. It makes a big difference in storage space.

Another thing that I did was make a barn for my old fridge. It stills works well, but man is it ugly. I had some old shutters that I built several years ago. We had taken them down from the house and weren’t going to use them again so I snagged them. It didn’t take much framework at all to put them together, add a little white paint and bam …fridge barn!

She Shed Finish Walk-Through

While there are still details that have to be handled and I still have to build the bathroom, the majority of the She Shed Finish is complete and I am now actively working in there. It has definitely been a drawn out journey, but so worth it! In the video below, I take you through the walk -through.


If you missed the first part of the She Shed build, you should check it out! Also, watch for my next post, where I take you through the how-to’s of putting in electrical.

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