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Interior – Working Inside our New Addition

Beginning the Interior Work

Once the exterior of the house was sealed off, it was time to begin working on the interior. The rooms that we added did not require any plumbing, but there was a great deal of electrical wiring that was needed. I added an additional subpanel and we ran the power from there.

Besides all of the light fixtures, fans, outlets and air conditioners, we also had to run all of the wiring for the entertainment area and surround sound. This includes the HDMI and others that needed to run through the ceiling to our projector. We also took this opportunity to run the coax and the ethernet. It’s nice to have all that stuff inside the walls!

When the wiring was complete, we were able to finish insulating and begin sheathing. Sheetrock would be used on the ceiling and most of the walls. However, on our south wall, the one with all the windows, we put up 1/4 inch paneling to act as a backer for the log wall that we planned.

Master Bedroom Addition

The new family room isn’t the only room we were adding. We also added a new master bedroom onto our master suite, so all of those same elements had to be completed in there as well. During this time of construction, we kept the old house sealed off from the new house until we were a little further along. That of course made it a little harder logistically to get in and out, but it kept the dust level down a bit.

Sheathing the Walls and Ceiling

It was so nice to start getting the sheetrock up. That’s really when it starts looking like it is coming together. Luckily, Kris has a lot of experience with drywall and therefore has the ability to knock it out pretty quickly. He and Logan manhandled the sheetrock, getting it all in place then Kris took over and did the tape, bed, texture and paint. We have a very interesting vaulted ceiling and the sheetrock being up really highlights that fact. You can see in the photograph below that we sealed the paneling off with seam tape to get ready for the log siding.

The Log Wall

I have to tell you that I have been so excited about putting this log wall up… like since before we had walls! We actually lucked into the log siding at an estate sale!!! I had to do quite a bit of sanding to get it where we wanted it, but it was so worth it!

Once we got the logs installed, we clear coated them. They didn’t need any stain, for the look we wanted, but a couple of coats of sealer gave them a beautiful shine. Then kris split some of the leftover logs to create the facing and trim for the windows. I could not be happier with how it turned out. In my opinion, the log wall just makes the whole interior of the project perfect.


The next step in our interior finish was to install our flooring. We used a gorgeous floating floor that already had the padding attached so we didn’t have to lay out underlayment first. The flooring photographs below are from the new family room as well as the new master bedroom. If you follow our Two Oaks Farmstead Instagram, you can see the how-to video that I posted about how to install this floor.

When the flooring was installed, the next element that we added was a bar area in the corner. We purchased 2 base cabinets to surround a mini fridge and a single upper cabinet. Those pieces, along with a butcher block counter top will act as a little bar/snack area for the family room. We have loved those cabinets for several years and we finally found a place to put some!

A Little Message for the Future

Kris, as a builder, loves to leave little messages for future builders and remodelers to find. This one was especially fun. We actually have them all over the interior of the house from various projects that we have done.

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