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Framing the New Addition

I recently shared with you the beginning of our remodel and the foundation build for the new portion of our home. That went very well and the next step was to start framing the new addition. When we bought our place in 2014, we knew there were quite a few things that we wanted to do to it. So many, in fact, that is has taken us quite a few years to get through it all. And, we’re not through it all yet, but we’re getting closer.

Step 1 – Prepping for Framing

When we were still in the design phase for the new addition, we went through several different iterations to make sure that everything would be just right. Building off of an existing structure can be a little tricky. It’s very important to make sure that everything lines up very well, structurally. With our design in place, we began dismantling the portion of the original house that would meet up with the new addition. The siding and the eave of the roof had to be removed in order to begin the attachment.

We framed the walls in place, making sure that all connection points were very solid. Our new roofline is actually pretty intricate. It was very important that we took extra time and care to make sure that our roof framing was accurate. The roof was definitely the longest part of the framing process.

When all of the framing was in place, we were able to get the decking onto the roof. This was an all hands on deck process. Luckily we have boys that are strong and helpful, helping out wherever we needed them. I was the cut man on this project and Kris was on the roof doing the installation.

Beautiful Support

We had spent some time last year cutting down a bunch of cedar trees for some upcoming projects and we chose one of them to support the awning of our front stoop. I just had to get it ready.

Kris used the chainsaw to cut flat all the limb nodules and then I used a machete and then the grinder to take off bark and get a somewhat smooth finish. We didn’t sand it because we wanted to go with a more rustic look.

Getting Ready for Roofing

I mentioned that our roofline is a little intricate. Because of the way that we had to design it in order to make it work with the original roof, it has some interesting areas. And, since my husband is totally OCD we reinforced these areas like crazy! The extra time and effort that we put into designing and reinforcing is certainly well worth it! Peace of mind is worth a lot!

Wrapping up the Beginning

Well, I will wrap up this segment by telling you that we eventually did get the house roofed. However, it was not before catastrophe set in. Once we had the new roof ready for shingles, we went ahead and scraped the shingles off the old roof so that the whole thing could be done at once. We checked the weather ahead of time, no chance of rain for 10 days out…. and the next night we had a freak storm come through–a big one! Needless to say, it rained inside of our house and we ended up having to gut about 75% of the original house.

Obviously, this extended the time and extent of our remodel and addition, but everything happens for a reason. Because of this freak event, we are ending up with a wonderful, almost completely new home! God takes care of us at every turn, always!


Be sure to check back. We will have many more updates coming shortly. I’m afraid all of the ‘extenuating circumstances’ have caused me to get a little behind.

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