Our Remodel – Excited to Get Started

The Beginning of the Remodel

I showed you guys the process for getting our concrete foundation put in, but I figured, in going through this process, I should probably show you where this remodel began! We had been planning and waiting for several years to add on to our home. We knew that it would be a pretty large endeavor, encompassing many different elements to include, but not limited to, a pretty large addition to our home, remodeling much of the interior and completely redoing the exterior of our home.

The spot where we began was one of the ends of the house. That end wasn’t going to be a huge undertaking so it allowed us to get started in a small way at least. We removed the sheathing and the old insulation. We added two windows to our master bedroom. We installed all new insulation and covered it all up with new siding.

Of course, it wasn’t quite as easy as that makes it sound but it wasn’t too bad anyway. We knew what we wanted the end result to be, as we are working toward having all of our farm building match each other. The house is no different, therefore we decided to go with a board and batten siding appearance.

It was actually a pretty straight forward process. Removing the old sheathing was probably the most work of the entire thing. Installing the windows wasn’t hard at all. I didn’t have to move any electrical to put them in, so it just required a little extra framing and all was well. Re-insulating is irritating, but not hard. Installing the sheathing takes a little muscle, but its not hard. The main point there is to make sure that you line them up where they break on studs.

We added our battens every sixteen inches, which allows them to line up with framework as well. We used silicone to seal the seams behind the trim and battens and then covered everything with a good stain and seal product. Below the siding, there is hardy backer because we will (eventually) be adding a rock base all the way around.

Prepping for the Next Step

While we were working on the end of the house, we had the boys get started on some demo of the front area to make way for the addition. Mason disassembled the front porch while Logan disassembled the front walkway. Hard work for sure, but they were up for the challenge. My boys are always a huge help when we need them. …we raise them strong!

Don’t miss all the parts of this process!

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