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Construction; New Addition to our Home – Fail Proof Foundation

Time for a Change

Sometimes, you just need a change folks, and my favorite way to make a change is to grab some tools and start building! When we had been here on this property for about 6 years, it was definitely time!

We have already been through multiple construction projects here on Two Oaks Farmstead. Two barns — because the first one burned to the ground — a greenhouse, a natural swimming pool, a hoop house, an animal village and now a she shed and a new addition to our home. I will say that it has been a while in the works.

Spurred by a Storm

We have talked about it and have made various plans for it. However, when multiple storms came through and tore up a bunch of stuff, including our roof, we decided that now was as good a time as any!

After getting the planning stage out of the way, and making a 3D model with my son which you can read about here, we were off and running. Our new addition will be off of the south side of our home. It will have a very large family room as well as a new master for mom and dad! We are also doing some interior remodeling but the addition construction needed to come first.

Preparation is the Key

Speaking of first, the foundation prep is where we began. Using the various tools of the trade, we marked off, squared and leveled our new building area. We roughly marked off the dimensions of our design and then made fractional adjustments to square it up.

A really great way to go about getting your ‘square’ is by using the 6/8/10 method. We mark our corners with stakes, run a string line and then make these measurements. From your corner point, 6 feet down one side and 8 feet down the other side. If you get a measurement of 10 feet diagonally between those two marks, then you are square, otherwise, you adjust until you find square.

The transit level is what we use to find level. With it we are able to mark the high and low points of the land in order to make sure that we set our concrete forms up properly. This particular transit belonged to my grandfather, who was a surveyor. It now belongs to my mom and I would say that in my family, this is a precious piece of history. It’s very nice to be able to use it for the construction of my family’s home.

Foundation – Building from the Ground Up

Sometimes it takes a little while to get everything marked and set exactly right, but it is so important to spend that time there to make sure it’s all good before concrete is poured! When everything is lined up right, it is time to set forms. We used 2 x lumber and heavy stakes to make sure our forms were strong. Concrete has a way of pushing forms out of the way if they aren’t staked off well.

We built the foundation forms down the string line to make sure that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be, drove the stakes and screwed them off with angled bracing as well. When the forms are fully in place, the next steps are digging a little trench on the inside of the forms (footing) and adding and compacting sand to help level out the pad.

After that, it is important to add some form of rebar to strengthen the concrete. In this case, we used rebar along the footing of the foundation and wire panel fencing in the middle, tied off to rebar driven straight down.

When the concrete truck arrives, everything and everyone must be ready. Concrete sets up more quickly than most people think and it’s hard work getting it all in place and smoothed out properly. On concrete day, we had the whole family, plus a couple friends to help get it handled!

After the concrete has been poured in the foundation forms, it is important to let it cure slowly. We used a water hose and continued to spray it down over the next couple days to help that process. The next step in our construction is framing–which happens to be my favorite part! My husband is a genius at all this concrete stuff, but my time to shine is the framing. …then he gets to shine again when it comes to the roofing and finish carpentry.

You will definitely want to come back and see the next step in the construction process. This addition is a pretty big one and the ceiling and roof line are fairly challenging as well as really awesome! You don’t wanna miss this build!

Getting started – Part 1

Foundation – Part 2

Framing – Part 3

Interior – Part 4


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