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Inspired Interior Remodel – Kid Approved, Kid Completed

An Additional Element to our Interior Remodel

In the process of our extensive interior remodel and add-on, the boys were making some changes to their rooms as well. As homeschoolers as well as builders, we have taught all of our kids quite a bit about many areas of construction, so it was fitting to allow them to handle the interior remodel of their own rooms.

Mason’s Room

Step 1

  • Mason, our youngest, began by painting his walls; our main neutral wall color plus an accent wall in his choice-navy blue. In keeping with his patriotic theme, he also painted all of his trim work in a beautiful red.

Step 2

  • When the paint was dry, it was time for his new flooring. With a little instruction from dad, mason was able to put in a beautiful new floor for his room in laminate. It required an underlayment be put down first, so that was the first step in the process. Once he got started, he just rolled right through it all and he had a new floor in no time.

Step 3

  • The only thing left was to put the trim down and bring the furnishings back in. Not only was it a beautiful change, but it was a wonderful new learning experience for Mason.


  • I stumbled across a great deal on several sets of lockers a couple years ago and both of the boys got some. Mason wanted to paint his lockers red to match his patriotic theme so he set out to do just that.
  • He began by taping off handles and other things that he didn’t want to be painted, cleaned up and got it ready for paint. The painting was done via ‘rattle-can’. Spray paint was a great way to handle this project, with a paint that is made for adherence to metal.
  • The final piece of the project was to stain his bookshelf. This is a wall hanging piece that we built for him a couple of years ago and it was in need of a makeover. He cleaned it up and began staining. Before the afternoon was over, it was ready to hang.

Mason’s Interior Remodel – The After

Now Mason’s room more reflects who he is and what he likes. Now his room more looks like a very patriotic deer hunter resides there….and he does!

Logan’s Room

The Situation

Logan’s room used to be his big sister’s room before she grew up and moved out. Honestly it was a perfect room for a teenage girl as it had its own vanity area complete with light, mirror and sink. Those are not exactly the things that make a teenage boy happy.

For certain, the agenda consisted of more paint and new flooring, but Logan had another idea. He wanted to tear down the corner closet in his room plus tear out the vanity area and build a new closet in its place. So we said, get after it!

The Solution

Step 1

He began with all the demo–that’s never a problem for any of my kids! The closet, and vanity had to be completely deconstructed and hauled out. Leftover ceiling popcorn had to be scraped off and refuse cleaned up. Demo is fun.

After the Demo, Comes The Flooring

Step 2-4

Flooring was not a problem for Logan, he had already spent time doing that on the job with dad, so he just got after it. His room was a little more involved, obviously, because there was actual construction to do, plus sheetrock, tape and bed, texture, etc.

But that was not a problem for this crew. What Logan didn’t know, dad stepped in on and, together, it was done in no time. Once all of the steps were complete, paint was necessary and for his accent wall, Logan chose his favorite color, OD Green.

Wrapping it Up

After that, a few touches on his furniture and that was that. Logan was able to refill and reorganize his room. …Which he did. Logan is the most organized person in the family. …I’m pretty sure that fact irritates him.

Final Touches

Logan chose to paint his lockers flat black to match the overall feel of his room. His new closet is much larger than the old one and the whole new layout adds much more room to his room. The pictures below were taken prior to his completed organization efforts but it already looked so much nicer (and he was gone to Jiu Jitsu) so I snapped a few pics.

One More Interior Remodel Project Down…

…and quite a few more to go. Be sure to keep checking back with us as we have more to complete on our interior remodel. With so much more on the way, you don’t want to miss out! If you have missed any of the build, you can check them out here:

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