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Expert How-to; Build a Beautiful DIY Planter

How to Build a DIY Planter

I love getting creative with supplies that we have laying around! We are always in need of more and different planters. I grabbed my husband and the power tools and we started building. Therefore, I thought this was a great time to show you how to build a DIY planter.

The Project – DIY Planter

I love planters of every kind, really I do. It honestly doesn’t matter what they are made of…or whether or not they are even supposed to be a planter. I make them all of the time in various manners, but I love when my husband has a couple hours off work. So, I wrangled him into a new project. (It’s a good thing he loves me!)

The Process

We had some excess pieces of wood as well as extra tin roofing and that sounded perfect to me! Now, I’ll stop here and mention that my husband and I have very different processes. He is OCD and I am, let’s say…the opposite. I tend to grab pieces and just see where they want to go. He stares at his supplies for a good long while as he designs it in his head… while I wait, and wait. Lol. I joke about that, but he is an honest genius at carpentry, so I do not complain.

We began by building the four corners (or legs) by putting two boards together in an L shape. As for dimensions, we just decided that based on what would make the best use of the supplies that we had.

We constructed the sides and added the tin that we cut down, with self tapping screws. On each side, we attached the corners with a top and bottom board to which the tin attaches. This creates the basic box. Then a board, laid flat, runs the top of the box to cover the edge of the cut tin as well as to add a finished look to the planter. For a finishing touch, my husband added a cast iron star to the fronts of the planters. …Awesome touch!

Finishing it up

When we finished constructing the basic box, we added slats in the bottom with gap for water seepage. With that, the planter is constructed. The next morning, my little man and I laid in a layer of weed blocker, to hold in the soil, added soil and started planting!

I love getting to build anything with my husband. Maybe it’s the time well spent or maybe it’s the awesome projects that we tend to turn out. I’ll keep updating you on all of the cool new things that I come up with.

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