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Expert How-To; Build a Gorgeous Chair Planter

How to Build a Chair Planter

I recently had the opportunity to add some creativity to my day to day work so I thought it would be a good time to show you how to build a chair planter.

My husband and I found this chair quite a while back, while we were tearing down an old barn. I tend to save anything that I feel like I can repurpose into something awesome, so this was a keeper!

Prepping the Chair

It really is an easy to do project. The first thing that I did was to tighten up the joints with screws and/or large staples. Also, one of the legs had been chewed off or something so I had to cut all of the legs off a few inches to make them even.

Creating the Planting Base

Once the chair was sold and level, I used an excess piece of chicken wire to form a ‘planter’ in the shape of a bowl. I simply wrapped the chicken wire around the frame of the chair then used my staple gun to solidify the connections at the corners.

Once the planter was ready, I used a very cheap, basic mat for planters that I found at Dollar General to cover the chicken wire. (I really like saving money!) This gives me a base to hold the soil and still allow water to flow through.

Planting the New Chair Planter

I laid in some of my home mixed soil then added some of the chocolate mint that was overgrown in another container. I also added a few annuals for immediate color. Water it in and that is literally it.

Now that you know how to build a chair planter yourself, you can apply these instructions to a wide variety of items. I love to turn all kinds of found objects into planters. It would be great to see any of your repurposed planters! I LOVE to get new ideas!!!

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