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Simple Steps for Seed Starting Success

The first thing I look forward to each year is seed starting! I plan all winter long, while I’m looking out of the window, dreaming of sunny days to come. This year is no different.

I’ve done my winter work. First, I planned my gardens. Second, made lists of what I wanted to grow this year. Third, ordered seeds. Finally, not-so-patiently waited by the mail box for them to arrive. So now it’s time!

Seed Starting – The Process

The seed starting mix that we use, is one that we blend ourselves. We use peat moss, compost, perlite and vermiculite. The bricks of peat moss that we use come completely dry and we use plastic bins for mixing.

The first step in that process is breaking up the peat moss and soaking it for about a day in lots of water! While it is soaking up all that water and becoming workable, I take that time to clean and ready all of the containers and implements that I will be using.

Next, once the peat moss is sufficiently moist, we add sterile compost, perlite and vermiculite and mix well. I honestly don’t use a particular measurement… I just know its enough by looking at it. Maybe this is where all of my trial and error come in handy.

Never hurts to have a helper!

I usually have my little garden helper, Mason, in there with me…for a little while anyway. He loves to help…until he gets tired, hot or something more interesting pops up!

Getting Organized

I always like to make sure that everything is set up and organized prior to beginning. (Hard for me, since I’m not a naturally organized person!) I’ve spent many years tripping over myself and making double work, consequently, I’ve learned to streamline my process. I tend to start approximately 2000-3000 seeds each season, at the very least, therefore, streamlining helps save my sanity. Once everything is in place, and my seed mix is prepped, I just get going.

In short, I have everything ready to go, therefore, everything goes smoothly.

Love of gardening…a way of life for me!

Growing plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers-anything really, is something I truly enjoy. It’s such a great time of the year for me and I end up chomping at the bit–consequently, just trying to get through winter and get to it tends to make the winter months drag that much more slowly! Seriously, watching for the first sprouts to pop through the soil and watching their growth daily… seed starting is like Christmas for me!!!

I hope that all of you fellow gardeners are having a great start to your season! And, I’d love to hear from you with your seed starting efforts! How’s it going? What do you do differently and what you love to grow!

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