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Expert How-to; Build and Install a Beautiful Perennial Flower Bed

Another Day, Another Project – Perennial Flower Bed

After building our natural pool this summer, I knew it needed a little extra something. We have quite a few hard lines in our design and I wanted something to soften that up a bit. I decided to construct and install two flower beds on the west and north ends of our pool, against the regeneration area.


Knowing where I wanted the beds to sit, was half of the design struggle. That gave me the length of the bed and I knew that a 2-foot width would be perfect for my needs.


The construction of the perennial flower bed is very straightforward using basic construction techniques. I used 2×6 lumber and framed them into the existing deck frame that surrounds the pool. Using 3″ screws, I attached and secured all of the lumber in place. I also used 2×6 lumber as bracing through the midsection of the beds so that the soil and water wouldn’t be able to deform the structure.


After cutting and staining the lumber and screwing them all in place, it was time to prep the perennial flower bed for planting. I laid down a layer of weed-blocking fabric and filled the beds with topsoil that we had left over from our natural pool project. Once the soil was smoothed and flattened I was ready to plant! Super simple!


My husband and I hit a sale at Lowe’s and found a variety of perennials for the beds, plus some petunias for immediate color. I placed the bucketed plants in the beds where I wanted them and when I was satisfied with the placement, I prepared the holes and planted them. I also purchased some bulbs; Allium, Tulip, and Hyacinth, so that I would have some beautiful flowers to look forward to, come spring! First placing them, based on their required spacing, I went back and planted all of them in place.

Finishing Touches

When the plants were all planted and watered, I put in a thick layer of mulch. Mulch helps with water retention as well as weed suppression. Another benefit of mulching is preventing soil erosion when I water. Plus it just makes it look so nice and tidy!

As always, let us hear from you! We would love to know your experiences with installing a perennial flower bed or to answer any questions that you may have.



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perennial flower bed

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