Expert Garden How-to; Separate and Transplant Herbs for Growing Success

I love gardening and always have. I will, at least, attempt to grow just about anything; flowers, vegetables and, of course, herbs.

Transplanting Herbs – Today’s Project

I love that I can grow my family’s food and even medicine, supplying our needs in a healthy, organic way and that includes herbs. Today, I transplanted two very overgrown containers in order to give them more growing room.

I planted these containers last summer and they definitely exceeded my expectations. They really flourished over the summer and continued their growth pattern, overwintered in the greenhouse. They were completely overdue for a transplanting session!

The Process

My husband and boys surprised me yesterday with 2 big beautiful red planters among my birthday presents. (They really know what I love!) I figured that was a sign…time to get transplanting!

Now, I grow many different herbs, for many different reasons, but the particular containers in question were filled with lemon grass, spearmint, chocolate mint, peppermint, oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary.

Why Separate and Transplant

When plants are allowed to get a little overgrown, their roots really get constricted and tangled up. It is important to regularly separate and transplant a lot of the various herbs that I grow. As I show you in the video, it is simply a matter of taking the mass apart in order to replant them elsewhere.

How to Separate Herbs

When separating herbs that have grown together like this, don’t be afraid to literally cut their roots apart. At this point, there are so many roots, you are not going to kill them. You can just grab a knife, and go to town cutting and separating. Once you get them cut apart, you can simply take the new, smaller root ball and replant it in a new container, giving it’s roots more room to stretch out and continue its growth. Once you have them all transplanted, give them plenty of water and sunlight and be sure to fertilize within the next week. Being organic, I use fish emulsion and it works great!

More Information

Herbs are definitely one of my favorites in the garden. There are so many uses, both culinary and medicinal. You can read about some of my work with calendula and chamomile, as well as transplanting mint. Be sure to subscribe and keep a look out for some of my upcoming posts dealing with different uses for a variety of herbs. And let me hear from you! I’d love to hear about your work with herbs! We can all learn from each other!


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