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Expert How-to; Build a Beautiful & Simple Grape Arbor

How to Build a Simple Grape Arbor

I purchased 3 new grapevines at the Spring Planting Festival at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this spring in Missouri. I had to get them in the ground and I knew where I wanted them but I didn’t have a grape arbor built yet, nor did I have the time to construct one at the time. So I, kind of, did a ‘step by step’ method over a couple months time.

Grape Arbor – Step 1

Before planting my grapes, our first step was to cement three short 4×4 posts in the ground where I would be placing my arbor. I planted my grapes in front of the posts as soon as the concrete was set up. I knew they would be fine like that until I had the opportunity to get to the construction.

Getting to the Construction – Step 2

When I finally had the time, I began by constructing posts to go over and attach to the 4×4’s in the ground. We had some leftover 1x lumber that I ripped down to the necessary dimensions on our table saw. I also had some 4×4 cut offs at my disposal (I love to use leftover materials!)

I constructed my posts by attaching the cut down 1x lumber around the 4×4 at one end (the top end). Next, I slid the open end over the 4x4s in the ground and screwed them off, making sure that all three posts were plumb.

Grape Arbor – Step 3

I connected my posts with horizontal runners, on which the grapevines will climb. There was not a specific dimension that I worked with for the runners. I based it off of the current size of my vines and ran with it. The main thing that I made sure of was that they were level. When they are out of level, it stands out like a sore thumb!

Step 4 – The Arbor

So, my panels were constructed but the arbor portion of this project still needed to go up. I opted to construct ‘rafters’ in place around the top portion of my posts. After choosing the appropriate angle (basically, just what I thought looked good) I measured and marked them. I cut my lumber to the proper length to cantilever the ‘roof’. Considering the design of my angled arbor roof, the cantilever is more sturdy.

I placed a board on the sides of each post and screwed them off very well. To finish off the constructed ‘rafters’, I added a 2×4 block in the ends. This was to stiffen the overall rafter as well as to give me a nailer for the front and back finish boards that I would be installing. I then installed the front and back ‘fascia’ boards to finish the rectangular structure and I topped it off with 2×2’s for the vines to grab hold of as they grow.

Step 5 – Finishing

With the structure complete, the last step was to seal the wood. I used a stain and seal product that we had also used for our decks and the walk around our pool. It helps to protect it from the weather and adds a nice color at the same time.

The Wrap Up

I absolutely love how my new grape arbor turned out. It was honestly a quick and easy project and my only expense in this one was the stain and seal. Everything else was leftover materials that were already here…and I LOVE that part of it! I am looking forward to seeing it when it is covered in beautiful grapevines!


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