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Expert How-to; Build a Gorgeous Fire Pit Area

New Project – Fire Pit

In the midst of a long list of outdoor projects this summer, we recently decided to put together a fire pit area. As a family, we really enjoy being able to sit outside together in the evenings with a nice fire burning. We used to have one of the normal metal fire pit boxes…cute, but not long-lasting.


We had some decorative blocks left over from another project, plus some extra gravel from one of our son’s projects, so we figured now was as good a time as any! (Or, at least, I did. Luckily my husband is pretty easy going… or at least, he has learned to expect my project ideas!)

Super Simple Project

This is such a simple project that my husband, by himself, completed it within a little over an hour. (I had to make a quick run to town, looking forward to working with him on it when I returned… and he surprised me with the finished project when I got hime!) The first thing that he did, once we knew where we wanted it, was to lay down a heavy landscape fabric/weed blocker.

Fire Pit – The Basic Steps

He covered the weed blocker in a very fine gravel that packs very well and then he created a border of our decorative blocks all the way around it. The next step was to use the same blocks to create a square fire pit in the center of the area. He didn’t mortar them in place, in case we want to make any changes in the future. The fire pit is large enough to put good sized wood in it and the walls are low enough to make sure there is plenty of airflow.

It worked out great! The size of the area is perfect to have seats spread around it. We placed it next to our patio, which is also next to our pool. I am looking forward to having some really fun parties sometime soon!

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